Rainbow Crochet Poncho Fringe, Plus size Festival poncho Pride, Triangle Shawl Wraps, Poncho Women Mom-Birthday-Gift-from-Daughter-For-Her

MariaJOPEmota. Grandes cuadros. Distintas posturas.

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Love this easy pattern for knitted blankets! Learn how to Knit the Irish Moss Stitch Knitting Pattern, complete with Video Tutorial by Studio Knit #StudioKnit #KnitStitchPattern #FreeKnittingPatterns

1. Graze the fabric with the tip of your needle as your work. 2. Make sure the handle touches the fabric each time. 3. Gaps in your loops is perfectly normal. If you have rows together, the loops will fill in. If your rows are wider apart, your loops can be closer together. Either way works.

See how to do Tunisian crochet in the round in two colors using a double-ended crochet hook. This video shows the basics on how you work the stitches. See the link for the full video with detailed instructions. Tunisian crochet in the round can be used for many projects like mittens, phone cases, bags, cushion covers, hats, slippers. #crochet #crochettutorial

Learn to punch needle with me! Find supplies and information at www.minimasterpie… #punchneedle #punchneedlesupplies #punchneedletips

Crpchet pattern by NansyOops

This Tutorial, let’s STRIPE! I’m knitting a striped sweater and want to share how I carry the yarn up the side of the work to avoid excess tails. Watch the video or use this tip: before working the first stitch of the row, bring the working yarn in front, then underneath, and finally behind the carried yarn. Do this every time the two yarns meet at the edge of the work. Happy knitting!⠀ 📷 Share Via: Shaina Pagani.bilow⠀

Mira backt mit euch den perfekten Karottenkuchen für Ostern, mit Frischkäsefrosting, mehrstöckig und supersaftig! Und weil Gemüse drinnen ist, ist es ja auch praktisch Salat. Macht ihn jetzt selbst nach, dafür einfach auf “Besuchen” klicken und unser Rezept auf YouTube anschauen!


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