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Aprenda Fazer Crochê em Segundos!

Don’t Toss Those Old T-Shirts! Here’s How to Turn Them Into Soft, Fabulous Yarn: Upcycle your t-shirts into yarn that’s perfect for any knit, crochet, or weaving project! (T-shirt yarn is actually a great raw material for all kinds of projects, from coasters to rugs!) It’s sturdy and durable but still super soft. Plus it’s an eco-friendly solution for ratty old shirts — especially if you’ve got more cleaning rags than you know what to do with.

Socken für Nähfans – Designed by DIY Eule #snaply #diyeule #nähen #nähenisttoll #handmade

Saquito bb

Dicas de crochê que você ira amar! Pode compartilhar com suas amigas essa ideias de croche e trico. E não esqueça de salvar em suas pastas nossas ideias. Seja sempre bem vinda. #croche #trico #bolsa


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