Embroidery on knitting

Embroider and customize your clothes on Charles and Elin Academy

Use face masks in combination with proper hand-washing & appropriate social distancing! By: El Mundo de Isa

Butterfly border

Muy bello

The complete step-by-step instructions and the detailed video as well as the pattern in different sizes can be found on my blog:

Twirls is a new and great “bobble” made of 100% cotton. The yarn consists of 4 thin cotton threads that make it perfect for scarves, blankets and scarves, in which the long, great color repeats really come into their own.

So much energy right now under one roof: At home, your little one is cleaning up the kitchen cupboards wildly, you say no and suddenly the world goes under? 😅 Hello defiance phase! You will be amazed at the small measures that can influence your child's defiant behavior. For example, a good daily routine, a healthy diet or a lot of sleep … You can find our top tips on how to deal with the defiance phase here. Mil #milupa

Made with a filter pocket, this reusable face mask doesn't use an elastic so it's easy to sew with materials you most likely already have on hand! #easypeasycreativeideas #sewing #sewingpattern

An extravagant foam experience combined with a natural peeling in the shower 🚿 Simply put the soap in the soap bag, moisten with water and the scratching fun can begin 🧼 The sisal soap bags create a great foam and the unique texture frees the skin from dandruff and a natural Peeling arises – how practical! #bathroom


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