Crochet slip stitch blo

Crochet slip stitch in back loops only (sl st blo) to get this beautiful knit like texture. Super easy, beginner friendly, and has a nice modern finish. Come hang out DeBrosse | crochet + knit for more stitch inspo! xx


With the sisters’ patchwork fabric or fabric remains from previous projects, you can easily make sweet scrunchies. Cut the fabric 50 cm by 10 cm and cut a 20 cm elastic cord. See more in the video, where Anna shows you how to use a sewing machine to transform the two materials into personal scrunchies, which is also a sweet, homemade gift idea.

So cool! I’m learning to Knit Beads into any project with Studio Knit.#StudioKnit #knittingvideo #knittingtechnique #beads #knittingbeads

Fashion Handmade Woven Bag DIY Material Package

Kawaii Crochet Rainbow Unicorn Monster – Amigurumi Plushie Monster – Halloween Gift For Best Friend

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