Carrot Cake | Carrot cake (turnip cake)

Mira bakes the perfect carrot cake for Easter with you, with cream cheese frosting, multi-tier and super-juicy! And because vegetables are inside, it's practically salad. Make it yourself now, just click on "Visit" and see our recipe on YouTube!

How to knit a pumpkin decoration for the Halloween & Thanksgiving! Easy to knit for beginners. Learn to Knit with

Learn how to embroider with my embroidery stitches guide. Watch step-by-step videos that will show you how to do each of these embroidery stitches to make an embroidery sampler pattern. #handembroidery #embroidery #embroiderystitches

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Sleep problems and fatigue are finally history with the AirSleep pillow. 8 million airballs adapt perfectly to your head and neck in every sleeping position and ensure incredible deep relaxation.

Use super bulky yarn to create a warm and easy pair of mittens. With this pattern and close up video tutorial, you can knock out those holiday gifts or market makes in no time! #freecrochetpattern #crochetmittens #crochetvideotutorial

Tap into your core and burn it up with Wearing the Flawless Knit, Burnt Orange collection! #Gymshark #Workout #Target #Fitness #Gym

Easy amigurumi crochet pattern Baby Octopus for kids.

The most attractive thing about DIY is to discover the beauty that others ignore, love life, and create beauty with your own hands. DIY beautiful creative earrings ring necklaces and much more, just simple tools and materials can make you different!



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