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Whether you want to read your favorite book in the dark or need steady focus of light when you’re knitting, drawing, running, or more.. This Handsfree Flexible Neck Light is the perfect tool to allow better visibility without occupying your hands!

“Ember” pattern #kniftyknittings #yarnspirations #ourmakerlife #knittersofinstagram

This is my crochet doll Ophelia. Her doll clothes (the apron, skirt and hat) are removable, so you can crochet her different dresses in different colours. Find the downloadable amigurumi pattern in US as well as UK terms in my Ravelry shop.

Learn how to embroider with my embroidery stitches guide. Watch step-by-step videos that will show you how to do each of these embroidery stitches to make an embroidery sampler pattern. #handembroidery #embroidery #embroiderystitches


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